#2 Richard Branson

Richard Branson
  • Sector: Various
  • Residence: UK

The ever-effervescent Branson says “saving the world is good business.” And we think he’s right. It certainly hasn’t harmed the Virgin Group’s soaring success to date.

As a key player in OceanElders, a group of highly influential people who have come together to achieve a grand scale, positive sustainable impact on the environment, Branson is deeply concerned with looking after the planet as well as his profits.

In 2006, he made the pledge to invest US$3 billion over a period of 10 years into the development of clean fuels, environmental technologies, and renewable energies.

As well as mindfully running 400 companies under the Virgin umbrella, the visionary founder has also launched the private equity firm Virgin Green Fund, philanthropic arm Virgin Unite, and many multimillion dollar prizes for finding solutions to environmental problems.

  • Gavin Storrie

    This nomination must be a joke.