#4 Hafsat Mohammed

  • Nigeria
  • Journalist and activist


Hafsat Mohammed, 33, is a Nigerian journalist-turned-activist running grassroots interfaith community projects with imams and pastors to counter the violent extremism of Boko Haram. Since escaping death in a massacre in 2014, Mohammed has thrown herself into tackling religious intolerance, fighting hate with hope. She is a woman preaching anti-violence in areas where female voices are often suppressed. Despite repeated death threats, Mohammed works with local schools and women’s groups to stamp out the problem at its root.

She founded the organisation Choice for Peace, Gender and Development, which supports young people and women who have lost family in attacks and abductions. Mohammed is known for confronting the worst cases of intolerance in danger zones like Yobe State while many others flee in the opposite direction.

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  1. Please,please,please! We need help in Nigeria!! Can no one destroy the behemoth that is institutionalized victimization of our female secondary school children?

    There is currently an issue in Nigeria regarding the sexual harrassment of minors- female students from Queens College on Lagos. This might seem like a trivial ossur considering what’s going on in Gboko Haram, however,putting an end to such small pockets of victimization of children would lead to more expansive and far-reaching solutions to these.

    The Nigerian female is an endangered specie. Where are all the activists?? Why is no one helping?