#9 Tristan Lecomte

Tristan Lecomte
  • Sector: Various
  • Residence: France

Lecomte, 41, has devoted his career to benefiting producers in the developing world. He founded Alter Eco in 1998 to import dozens of Fair Trade products for French retailers from around 40 countries. Alter Eco later expanded into America. Meanwhile, in 2008 Lecomte founded Pur Projet, a collective of experts fighting global warming. In partnership with 60 Fair Trade cooperatives, it works with farmers to develop agroforestry projects within the supply chains of the companies whose operations depend on these ecosystems, and willing to regenerate and strengthen them.



  1. Excelente nominación: La visión de Tristan contiene una filosofía profunda, impregnada de
    acciones sencillas como sembrar árboles pero impactante para mejorar la
    vida de millones de productores y emprendedores para un mundo mejor!