A call for a new compassionate world lens

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The ancient golden rule of compassion has the power to transform, heal and elevate our fragile global systems, writes Alicia Buller, editor-in-chief at Salt magazine.

We stand at a crossroads in history, on a planet as pregnant with opportunity as it is plagued by threats.

We are challenged not only by rising inequality, volatile financial markets and ineffective political systems, but also by dwindling bio-capacity and the relentless shrill of hyper-capitalism.

As the planet’s resources reach critical depletion levels, mother Earth has told us repeatedly through hurricanes, droughts, forest fires and rising sea levels that she is straining at the seams under the weight of over seven billion people.

The world is at a turning point. Now, more than ever, we are living in a time of consequences. For the sake of the planet, our children and our children’s children, we need a radical shift in mindset towards compassion across all sections of business, government and society.

We have grown to feel separate from our environment; from our communities; each other; and, often, ourselves. We must reengage as a human race and shift from a world lens of separateness to one of togetherness to solve humanity’s complex modern challenges as a global society.


In the first instance, Paris’ COP21 offers an opportunity to take radical, joined up action for the longevity of our planet. If we don’t take a leap of faith and at least double our commitments to climate change, the stark truth is the frequency of the Earth’s rages will multiply quickly, and with dire consequences.

Conversely, in many ways there has never been a better time to be alive. Nearly two billion of us enjoy a standard of living that our parents could only dream of.

Technological, educational and medical advancements and global communications promise a world overflowing with opportunity and equality.

As we teeter on a historical precipice, the solution to all of the Earth’s challenges is simpler than you might think – we must employ the ancient golden rule of compassion in everything we do. Compassion has the power to transform, heal and elevate our broken financial, corporate, social and environmental systems.

By working together, the future has the potential to be neon bright. A world defined by balance, prosperity, innovation and hope is within our grasp. It’s so close we can almost touch it. But we must act now.

Alicia Buller is the editor-in-chief at Salt
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