Blockchain launches green cryptocurrency to “change the world of money for the better”



Bitcoin technology company Blockchain has launched the decentralised eco-friendly cryptocurrency EDRCoin in an attempt to create a more positive way of using money.

EDRCoin’s costs are based on the value of the US dollar (1EDRC=$1), and can be used for internet shopping, virtual gaming, and transactions for goods and services around the world.

Blockchain said: “We are glad to announce the launch of our latest cryptocurrency EDRC which is going to add a new positive dimension to the world of money.”

Its environmental credentials come in the form of a ‘green mining principle’, the company explained: “The advanced decentralised cryptocurrency is themed on a green mining principle that banks on sustainable energy-efficient policies for generating money.

“While the regular cryptocurrencies unmindfully destroy the earth’s ecology with their mining operations, EDRC is careful about protection of natural resources. Our unique technology takes to utilisation of alternate energy like solar panels and we make sure to leave no carbon footprint on Mother Nature.”

EDRC collaborates with eco-friendly operations and independent farms around the world, and seven per cent of income generated will be used for restoring mangrove forests in Asia and solar power development.

The company said EDRCoins will be available for trading shortly on every popular exchange platform.

A spokesperson added: “As our PoS system capitalises on the users owning coins to validate the transactions, one transaction per day would be rewarded by an increment of 0.35 percent of the wallet-total. EDRCoins are immaterial and follow a purely mathematical approach that works with digital code.

“EDRC is the best thing from the contemporary financial world. Join the EDRC community now for a welcome change in the perception of money.”