Check out these beautiful plates and bowls made from leaves


Leaf Republic have unveiled their sustainable organic tableware design… and it is made out of real leaves! Can this be the world’s best disposable plate and a viable solution to plastic-waste management?

For the past three years, the Munich-based start-up has been researching sustainable packaging. Now, Leaf Republic has revealed what they have been working on to the public: a green, biodegradable and vegan tableware design.

The project is currently undergoing a Kickstarter funding campaign. The goal is to raise 50,000 Euros to make these eco-designs available for us all enjoy.

The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness for sustainable packaging and to avoid oil-based plastics in daily life. Leaf Republic want to protect our environment and encourage us all to use its limited resources in a different way.

“This is not only about outdoor tableware,” writes Leaf Republic. “It is about food packaging. It is about preventing plastic waste. It is about preventing trees from being cut for paper production. It is about the next generations.”

So how exactly does it all work?

Leaf Bowl-min-2The packaging products consist of a lid made from bioplastic or recycled plastic and a three-layerd natural bowl made of leaves, leaves and leaves! water-proof leaf-made paper

The leaves are made into a water-proof leaf-made paper which are then stitched together for maximum eco-points.  no synthetical additives, nocolouring and no glue – and no tree has been cut!

No synthetic additives, no colouring, no glue and no trees are cut down to make the product. The best bit though, they’re fully biodegradable; chuck your plate on the floor after eating and it’ll go back to ol’ Mother Nature again in about 28 days.

The team at Leaf Republic believe that packaging is a part of our daily lives. As the number of people and their consumption keep on growing, the packaging market has an impressive size all over the world – and now Leaf Republic feel it is time to revolutionise it.

Revolutions are not started by a market leader, but by lateral thinkers following a clear vision”, they explain.

“Not to work within the system and to accept the standards as given, but to change the system and to set new standards”.

Teller-180-stapel-spiegel-KopieThey see themselves as setting these new parameters for what ecology in the packaging industry could achieve.

“Because we spend only a brief moment on this world. Everything we own is only temporary. What really counts is what we create, what we build up. What counts are our actions and our decisions. They last forever. They make up the true value of our being.”

About Leaf Republic

Leaf republic carries out pioneering work, being the very first company to develop sustainable one-way disposable tableware and food packaging material made of nothing but tree leaves. The most important unique selling propositions are the green color of the packaging, the contemporary design, and the unique surface feel which give the customer a feeling of freshness and naturalness. Moreover, it is free from petroleum derivatives and genetically modified components.