Check out this tiny house with serious eco credentials


This off-the-grid Tiny House proves that great things certainly can come in small packages.

Ex-boat builder and carpenter Jeff Hobbs from New Zealand-based studio Room to Move was recently commissioned to build a special bespoke tiny house for local resident Briar Hale.

The 23.95 sq m (257.8 sq ft) house was built using structural insulated panels (SIPs) made from plywood and foam; recycled wood materials and sports multiple off-grid solutions.

Hobbs chose to build the home using 62 mm (2.45 in) thick SIPs due to their lightweight, strength, durability and excellent insulation qualities, and also meant that he had extra floor space to work with when designing the home’s interior.

In an interview with Gizmag Jeff Hobbs said that “the design was a collaboration between the owner (Briar Hale) and myself, but it really is her baby as she had a clear idea of what she wanted.”

“There are eight different types of wood featured in this little house, most coming from recycled natives.”

The tiny house features a series of sustainable features, including a solar collector used to heat the water, which feeds into a 90 litre water tank located on the home’s roof. A wet back is also connected to this tank from the small fireplace, providing hot water during the winter.

“The water system is low pressure and is fed by a 110 litre header tank,” Hobbs said.

“This means you use less water and the shower uses only four liters of water per minute. It’s a nice shower though and we are very happy with the Separette villa 9010 composting toilet. It has no smell and the urine diverter goes directly into the grey water tank, making it very low maintenance.”

Grey water is collected into a 200 litre  tank via a stainless steel mesh which strains all food waste and hair etc. The water is pumped out into the garden on a weekly basis, and the strainer is emptied onto the compost heap.

The home also features two 300 watt solar panels located on the roof. The panels are hooked up to a 12 volt battery bank with a capacity of 445 amp hours.

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Picture Credit: Room to Move

Video Credit:Living Big In A Tiny House