COP21: International Solar Alliance launched by Modi and Hollande


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President François Hollande announced the International Solar Alliance initiative yesterday during the first day of COP21, inviting over 100 solar-rich countries to facilitate widespread implementation of solar projects and infrastructure.

Countries between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn have been invited to join the ISA, including many African and Asian nations, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, France, China and the United States.

Prime Minister Modi estimates $100 billion will be needed per year by 2020 to finance the clean power initiative.

Leaders from India, China and the US will discuss this alliance and other major energy initiatives underlying “Global Climate Action” on December 10. The dialogue will include a coal consumption cap in China, the International Solar Alliance and other expansive renewable energy growth and energy efficiency measures in India, and the Clean Power Plan in the US.

Anjali Jaiswal, India Initiative Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, said: “The International Solar Alliance aims to expand solar power primarily in countries that are resource-rich but energy poor, where clean energy solutions are most needed.

“Developing affordable solar technologies and attracting the considerable investment required to finance the envisioned solar transition are critical steps to support India and other countries to achieve their ambitious clean energy goals set as part of the Paris negotiations.”