Corinne’s steps to greatness


Meet Corinne. She’s a fighter. Two years ago she lost her hands and feet. But that didn’t stop her climbing mountains, flying a plane or setting up a charity.

Just two years ago, Corinne’s life was very different. She had a signage business that, by her own admission, was very stressful.

“I just got on with it, didn’t think about it,” she tells Salt. Back then, she also possessed two hands and two feet.

Corinne says her hectic work and family life in 2013 led her to become ill and she caught a cough that morphed into pneumonia. While in the hospital she got a virus and her limbs turned septic: “My hands started to go blue, then black.”

Now looking down at her arms, she says: “I get around, you know. I’d rather do everything myself. I’d rather live normally, I don’t want a house full of adaptations.”

The first thing I notice about 45-year-old Corinne is her fizziness, her infectious energy. As she whizzes around the house, she leaves a trail of laughter and self-effacing anecdotes.

“My motivation now, apart from trying to be a mum [to six-year-old son Rory] is I feel I have two choices in the way that I handle life now: I could stay at home and not do much but I’m certain that would involve negative thoughts and perhaps depression.

“However, if I do something I didn’t expect to do it makes me feel positive and alive. There’s a reason I keep busy.”

Corinne spends much of her time these days working on her charity Finding Your Feet. The organisation offers support, guidance and practical help to those who have suffered life-changing physical trauma.

Often Corinne herself will go and visit the patients in hospital. “They see me and think ‘she dresses normally, she walks normally – maybe I’ll be ok’.”

Corinne shies away when asked whether she thinks she is a role model for others who have faced adversity: “That sounds bigheaded,” she says, “but people have said I give them hope because I am so independent.”

For the full exclusive interview and photos with the inspirational Corinne Hutton, see Salt’s next issue, out 1st September.

If you’d like to donate to Finding Your Feet, text the code FEET15 and the amount you’d like to donate (e.g. FEET15 £10) to 70070. You can also sponsor Corinne’s next ‘building bungee jump’ here