Crush: Stuff Salt Loves… Tea and Coffee


For many of us, sipping on a freshly brewed mug of tea or coffee is a necessary part of everyday life – whether it’s the fuel you need to kick start your morning, or for that moment of quiet at the end of the day. This issue’s Crush is all about the ‘brew’ – here are the tea and coffee brands that make Salt go ‘ooh’!

Pukka Teas and Herbs

Founded in 2001, Bristol-based Pukka Teas has deep-rooted organic principles and has been certified organic by the Soil Association. Not only are Pukka’s teas and supplements organic and ethically sourced, but they’re also leading the way with the FairWild initiative which protects plant and organic life as well as ensuring a better working environment for growers. Our favourites are the Supreme Matcha Green Tea made from whole leaf Chinese Sencha, Indian Oothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang, and the Pukka Detox Tea, which we think will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

867 Three Ginger_LAYOUT-min867 THREE MINT_LAYOUT-min867 Night time_LAYOUT_UPDATE-minFrom £2.39per box. Find out more here.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee 

Fathers_Day_Gift-minWhen it comes to artisan coffee then look no further than Union.  Union Hand-Roasted are experts in craft coffee, and sustainability is the very core of their business model. All of their coffees are sourced through the Union Direct Trade model, which they pioneered in 2001. Union also pay a premium for their product – around 25 per cent above the international Fairtrade minimum price. All of Union’s coffee is of extremely high quality – considered to be in the top 2 per cent in the world. These guys take freshness seriously too – they don’t fire up the roasters until they receive your order. We’d recommend the award-winning Equinox blend, bursting with citrus, redcurrant and cane sugar.

Prices from £5.00 per 200g

Click here to find out more.

CRU Kafe

Created by three friends in 2013, CRU Kafe is providing a sustainable alternative to some of the established coffee giants. The Notting Hill-based team uses only the best high altitude, organic and fair-trade coffee. Ethics and environmental impact are top priority with CRU and their unique grounds are packaged in eco-friendly Nespresso compatible pods. We recommend you start your day with the CRU INTENSE capsule, bursting with hazelnut, dark chocolate and cherry.  Also, try the SAN ANTONIO – a medium roast Guatemalan coffee, which is coarsely ground and perfect for a cafetiere or filter machine.

crukafe24 capsules from £6.96. Order your coffee here.

 The Ethical Coffee Company

The Ethical Coffee Company group is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and was founded by Jean-Paul Gaillard, the ex-CEO of Nespresso. Gaillard wanted to offer consumers the best Italian espresso capsules in the world, while protecting farmers and respecting the environment. The company has developed its own generation of capsules and pods compatible with Nespresso machines, all of which are fully biodegradable. They also work out considerably cheaper then the originals. It tastes great, does good, and saves you money – what more can you ask for? We think you should try the Romanov Supreme capsule, which has a slightly tangy fruit flavour.

7640143681709-zoom-min30 Capsules from £9.00

Find out more about The Ethical Coffee Company on their website.