Funerals that are kinder to families, and the environment


Green burials is a rapidly growing movement. More and more people are seeking services that allow them to part with their loved ones in a way that nourishes the environment and revitalises the planet. Golden Leaves Limited is one such service, offering families several options for an environmentally conscious burial.

Golden Leaves Limited is a burial service that does things differently. Their green funeral plan is, to their belief, the leading service in the UK for environmentally friendly burials. This puts them at the forefront of a conscious burial movement, offering services that leave the competition “green with envy.”

Through a partnership with Greener Goodbyes, Golden Leaves Funeral Plans offers several sustainable funeral options for people, including ‘eco-coffins’ – containers made of 100 per cent bio-degradable materials. These are available in a range of woods or wool, the procurement of which is balanced by the company’s woodland and rainforest conservation initiatives, and carbon rebalancing programmes.

By offering these intuitive options, the company aims to provide customers with the opportunity to care for the environment in the same way they care for their loved ones.

Managing director Barry Floyd reports a huge increase in public interest. “People’s prudence and thoughtfulness to loved ones has been a driving force behind the many thousands of pre-paid funeral plans Golden Leaves has supplied over the past 30 years,” he says. “However, people are now increasingly wanting their funeral arrangements to make a positive impact for future generations and choosing an environmentally friendly funeral plan as a result.

“Thanks to our experience and leadership in the market,” he continues, “we have been able to put together the only range of its kind available nationally in the UK. No other plans offer the comprehensive range of green options which means that when it comes to the environment, people can now be as personal and individual in their funeral provisions as they are in the life that they lead.”

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