Smarter Cities September 2015

With populations rising and an increasing focus on the impact of climate change, how can cities prepare for the future?  What are the latest innovations and solutions that will help us to adapt and build sustainable living and working environments?

Against a backdrop of mounting pressure on natural resources and increasing levels of technological innovation, we will be bringing together the designers, innovators and explorers who are re-imaging our future cities. The event will explore three key themes:


Our ability to connect with each other and manage our lives online is increasing every day.  The ‘Internet of Things’ will become the norm and we will become accustomed to managing our lives through our devices, transport systems and homes.

What impact will this have on our personal and working lives? How will our future cities look and feel like? Join us to hear from the latest innovators and thought leaders who are working to better connect our cities.


The cities of the future will be high density and with that comes greater levels of innovation.  We will bring together the experts forecasting the nature of our cities and taking a look at the technology, transport, food, clothing and design companies that will shape our future.

From developing urban gardens to pollution absorbing clothing and app’s that help improve urban living – we will offer up the very latest thinking and design.


How will we manage the movement of ever increasing populations?  Forecasters predict the growth of mega-cities with populations pulsating between sprawling urban centres and highly connected suburban ‘hot-spots’.  Transport systems are key to this growth and are a key factor when considering the design and nature of our cities.  Add to that the need to drastically reduce pollution and you have a compelling background for the growth and adaption to alternative transport systems.

Join us to hear from the leading experts on our future transport systems, from electric cars and bicycles to innovative car sharing systems.

Visit the event website to secure your place at the Future Cities event http://futurecities.one

To secure your place call our Head of Partnerships Dave Edler on 0131 512 2012


PHOTO CREDITS: julajp from flickr