GET SMART: In-home energy saving


Life doesn’t always adhere to a schedule, and this creates problems when attempting to regulate the energy systems in our homes. Collectively eradicating these inefficiencies would have a major positive environmental impact, and this is where smart learning technologies come in.

“After just a week of use, Nest will have recognised your habits”

Recently developed in-home Internet of Things applications and smart technology can track energy usage on a micro scale, optimising a household’s carbon footprint. Nest, acquired by Google in 2014, is one of the companies producing these intelligent in-home systems, and is responsible for the ‘learning thermostat’.

saves-energy-opening-US-d1172ff47bPaired with a mobile app, the Nest thermostat learns your habits and caters to your behaviours. It optimises your energy use by raising and lowering the temperature of your household based on factors like your hours away from home and your bedtime. If you walk past it, it knows you’re home. If you’re away and you want to keep the house warm for your dog, the app lets you do that too.

After just a week of use, Nest will have recognised your habits, and through a variety of sensors, continues to make small adjustments along the way depending on how you live your life. If you want to get really specific, you can give it temperature and time limits along with the data it captures.

thermostat_with_hand_20-minNest is a friendly, intuitive device. It greets you when you walk into a room by lighting up, and a customisable watch face is there in a crystal-clear display for when you need it. It even keeps you safe by letting you know if something is wrong with the heating systems in your home.


[Philips Hue: Adjustable Lights]

Philips Hue makes energy-efficient adjustable LED lights controlled entirely by your smartphone. The lights are customisable – you can change the colours, the brightness, flashing patterns, and more. They can do anything you want, and come in various shapes and sizes to suit every room.

[Belkin WeMo switch: Smart electricity switch]

The WeMo power switch lets you control low-voltage electronics with your smartphone. The switches are all connected to your home’s WiFi, allowing you to turn them on or off with ease. You can also schedule their behaviours, or connect them to certain sensors that let you do even more, like programming water sprinklers to stay off when it rains.