Salt Ideas Essay #5: Harness your individual Power

We’re proud to bring you the fifth of the Salt Ideas Essays: 15 pieces of expert thought leadership on the innovations and ideas that will change the world for the better. Practicing compassion arms you with the ability to care, share, and innovate. By Dadi Janki, Co-Founder, Brahma Kumaris.


We all have so much to give. Time, attention, knowledge and compassion. We simply need to take responsibility to do something for the world. I regularly get asked: ‘What do you do all day long?’ I am no author or speaker. I just know how to use my heart, mind and eyes well. I just care, share and inspire.


If you can write, do wonders for the world with your pen. If you can speak, bring hope to the world with your words. If you can heal, care for the world with your heart. And if you can lead, nurture and serve the world. Seeing you, those around you will be influenced and inspired to care.


So ask yourself: ‘What’s time calling me to do?’ Time is saying to me: ‘Live and make each breath, each thought and each moment, valuable, meaningful and beneficial.’ Ask yourself: ‘What do I have to do now?’ Do whatever you want to do, now. Become what you want to be, now.


When my body is going through health challenges, I may be resting on my bed and I don’t talk a lot, but I just smile. There is so much inspiration in smiling. Smiling is free. Smile in such a way that others simply forget their troubles.

Challenging situations will continue to come in all areas of our lives: mind, body, wealth, relationships. But if you think too much, it makes the head heavy. So take care of your head. Think: ‘Whatever happened was good. Whatever is happening is good. Whatever is to happen, will also be good.’

Happiness is my personal property. I won’t let anyone or anything steal it. So, continue to make yourself happy. Be happy and it will be revealed through your eyes, it will be visible on your face, it will be in your smile.


An act of compassion doesn’t need to be big, it just emerges from a heart which is big. With a big heart you can naturally love yourself and others, because compassion isn’t for one person alone or for a few, it’s for all. I don’t have the consciousness that ‘I am an Indian’. I belong to the world. I am a global citizen. I am my own friend, and everyone is my friend. So treat everyone as a member of your global family.

Compassion empathises and understands. It cares for the best in every soul. It sees the inner need behind the expression. It looks behind anger and sees the sadness, behind coldness, it sees the fear. Compassion never reacts, never rejects. Compassion speaks the truth, but does so lovingly, carefully and kindly. It doesn’t criticise, compare, or complain. It recognises the value of each person. It sees the goodness in others. It sees their speciality and strengths.

Compassion softens the hearts of others and empowers them, without draining one’s own emotional strength. Because a compassionate heart is neither delicate nor hard, it’s warm and strong. So, make your heart strong. Don’t be a dustbin and collect rubbish, keep your heart clean. Because a compassionate heart is like a lotus flower. It takes what is useful and does not let the dirt and the mud spoil its beauty.


People ask me: ‘When are you going to retire?’ I have never been tired so why would I retire? If you get tired, you will want to retire. God is my power supply – always there, always available. God is my friend, my companion. I feel God’s hand on my head, His hand in my hand, and together we’re able to do everything.

Actions do make a difference, but our thoughts also make a difference. So when my body is in pain, and it’s a little difficult to sleep, what I do is meditate. In meditation, I take light and might from God and send it into the world. You too can send peaceful and compassionate thoughts out to the troubled spots around the world. You can nourish the earth with the feeling of gratitude and kindness.

You can’t give what you don’t have. So, if you want to live compassionately, you need to cultivate your feelings of compassion. Spend a few moments each day in solitude. Talk to your mind with love. Heal the rifts in your soul. Then you will clearly see a clean heart full of love. Where there is love, there is compassion. So, open your heart and let compassion motivate and inform your actions.


Compassion recognises the value of each and every person..

Actions do make a difference, but our thoughts also make a difference.

Take care of your head and think ‘everything happens for the highest possible good’.

About Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki celebrates her 100th birthday this month. She continues to offer inspiration and insights gained from 79 years of meditation and spiritual study. Her uniqueness lies in her unswerving optimism, sense of humour and big heart. Dadi Janki is currently the administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris. She lived in London for over 30 years and is now based in Mount Abu, India.