Lemonaid and Charitea: Conscious thirst quenching


Lemonaid and Charitea are drinks that are healthy and organic, but they’re produced and sourced through humane, sustainable methods. The ingredients are acquired from fairtrade farming operations in Mexico, Paraguay, South Africa and Sri Lanka. The companies insist that by paying higher prices for their raw ingredients and emphasising conscientious business practices, local farmers are provided with better living conditions, which empowers them to start their own local benefit initiatives.

Lemonaid is made from carefully chosen fresh juices. It’s sweetened with organic cane sugar and comes in several flavours like Blood Orange, Lime, and Passion Fruit. Similarly, Charitea is an organic iced tea made from fresh tea leaves and fruit juices, enhanced by the company’s signature agave syrup. Both are completely free of preservatives, flavourings, and artificial ingredients.

Despite the high quality of their products, the companies are stringent in both their ingredient sourcing and production methods. Lemonaid’s managing director Julian Warowioff, says: “It is my conviction that companies, no matter the industry or size, have a responsibility for their workers and the environment that stretches until the very end of their supply chain and must not be excused by the complexity of globalisation or the dogmas of industrialised production methods that sacrifice quality for quantity.”

By doing business this way, providing aid to the disadvantaged is put at the forefront of mission objectives. In addition to their sustainability, the companies donate a portion of their profits to charities around the world. For every bottled product the companies sell, 5p is donated to various aid programs, which include infrastructure, schools and hospitals. An estimated £1 million has been raised towards these initiatives.

The two companies began in the bohemian Hamburg district of St Pauli. In a small kitchen the creators brewed tea and juiced fresh fruits by hand. Friends and locals were pleased with the products, but the companies were determined to expand their reach. But here was the catch – they wanted to do it by supporting local communities in need. Lemonaid and Charitea soon became leading German Fairtrade brands.

If anything is made clear by their method, it’s this: you can make delicious consumable products without jeopardising the supply chain. Both brands are now launching in the UK, where they hope to operate by the same conscientious ideology that has helped their brands grow.

The pair have seen their products reach places like Whole Foods, Harrods and Selfridges, as well as numerous wholesalers, bars and cafes. Lemonaid managing director Julian hopes that these businesses can serve as an effective model for other aspiring entrepreneurs. “We do not only want to quench people’s thirst,” he says, “but also hope to inspire other businesses to set out finding more ethical and sustainable ways of being successful.”