Linus Gorpe: How I find my Zen…


“I imagine people see me as very relaxed, and that is infectious. There is a very peaceful energy in the factory,” says Linus Gorpe, founder of The Raw Chocolate Company, which produces vegan, Fairtrade chocolate made with zero C02 emissions. So how does he manage to stay so relaxed? How does Linus find his Zen?

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 15.48.39THE WORLD WON’T END

My first realisation of the Zen was in my first year of trading: I was up until 3 ‘o clock in the morning making chocolate to make sure the order could go out the next day, and a friend of mine said to me, ‘what’s the worst that could happen if you didn’t send that chocolate tomorrow?’ Actually the worst that could happen was that the end consumer would get their chocolate one day later, which is not a big deal.

So that made me look at the bigger picture. I need to be able to be calm and not overworked, my wellbeing is important. If I’m not well, how can I inspire others? How can I inspire my staff? How can I inspire the consumers? That was my number one lesson in chilling out: the world is not going to crash.


I do a lot of Tantra, which is self- discovery, where I’m learning how to communicate, how to listen to my feelings, how to express my thoughts and desires. Through Tantric workshops we learn to communicate honestly and openly and I learn to own my emotions. We do a lot of a circle time where we sit and communicate. We also do lots of physical exercises which involve touch. It’s made me a lot happier, a lot more peaceful, and given me a lot of freedom from mind games.


I dance once or twice a week at 5Rhythms classes. The teacher chooses the music for the night and there are five different rhythms. It starts off slow and my body decides how it wants to move depending on what mood I’m in. It gets faster and I explore my bones, then it goes into chaos and I jump and shake, even roll around on the floor.

There have been times when I’ve gone from work to dance having had lots of thoughts in my head about the day and the next day and the day after that; through the dance I become present in my body, and come back to what is real, which is this moment. It allows me to let go of my mind.


What is the secret to being relaxed and chilled out? For me I think it’s that I trust my employees, so I don’t’ have to constantly look over their shoulders to make sure they’re doing a good job. I totally trust the people in the managerial positions.