Welcome to the future: Major UK cities pledge to go green by 2050


Over 50 Labour-run UK cities have pledged to run solely on green energy by 2050 ahead of the seminal COP21 climate change conference in Paris.

Council leaders from most of Britain’s major cities including Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham and Glasgow, have promised to go completely green. Labour reported that this could cut the UK’s carbon footprint by 10 per cent.

The pledge reads: “We have the ambition of making all our towns and cities across the UK 100 per cent clean before 2050, in line with the commitments made nationally and internationally at the Paris summit.”

“We hope other towns and cities across the globe will join us to demonstrate that this transition will happen through acts of leadership by the many, not the few, and that a transition to a clean energy future is both viable and already beginning to happen in many towns and cities today. Our UK towns and cities are committed to making a better future for all.”

The move puts pressure on the Conservative party and and the London mayoral electoral targets to make similar commitments. London would join the likes of Copenhagen, New York City and Copenhagen by pledging to go 100 per cent green.

Shadow energy and climate change secretary Lisa Nandy coordinated the pledge; she told the Guardian: “Where Labour is in power we will push for a clean energy boom even if the government will not.

“Ministers say they support devolution to our towns and cities so they should back these council leaders by ending their attack on the schemes that can help to make this safer, cleaner future a reality.”


Photo credit: Mike Lewinski from Flickr