Mark Ruffalo calls Flint’s water crisis a ‘national emergency’


Oscar nominated actor Mark Ruffalo and billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer joined local activists in Flint, Michigan, on Monday to add their voices to the call for long-term solutions to the city’s water-contamination crisis.

The famous climate change activists joined local organisations less than 24 hours after the Democratic presidential candidates left Flint to continue campaigning ahead of Michigan’s primary on Tuesday. Together the group demanded accountability and the approval of a disaster declaration which would release additional resources.

The situation remains dire months after Michigan governor Rick Snyder announced that Flint was deep into a protracted water crisis. Local officials have said the water is still unsafe to drink and there remains no definitive timeline on when the situation may change.

Last week, officials announced nearly 10% of tested sites in Flint still have excessive levels of contamination. Despite this the US government denied a request last month to declare Flint a disaster zone, Ruffalo has called for the decision to be reversed. At the meeting Ruffolo said:

“What happened here is a crisis of credibility from the government. From the federal government and the state government. What’s happening here is a national emergency.”

“I’m imploring President Obama to consider Flint, Michigan, a national disaster starting today,” he said.

Ruffalo has a history of directly targeting governments and politicians in his calls to action on climate change. Last month the Oscar nominated actor called on the UK prime minister to abandon his push on fracking and leave fossil fuels in the ground.

In a video message the well known opponent of fracking, told David Cameron that he is making an enormous ‘legacy mistake’ in supporting the controversial process of extracting gas by hydraulic fracturing.

Photo Credit: Tony Felgueiras from Flickr.

Video Credit: Friends of the Earth (England, Wales & Northern Ireland)