Obama calls off Arctic oil drilling


The Obama administration is soon expected to announce a move to place the Arctic as ‘out of bounds’ for oil and gas drilling.

Exploratory drilling will be banned until 2022, when further decisions will be made.

Together with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, the US president announced last week that further resource extraction in the region “must align with science-based standards between the two nations that ensure appropriate preparation for operating in Arctic conditions, including robust and effective well control and emergency response measures.”

As expected, this renders the majority of the region unfit for drilling. The strictures to be announced will also affect most of the Atlantic, a move which many major oil companies and Republican state senators have opposed.

According to Shell, progress in both regions so far has been disappointing, with little to no yields in oil or gas despite the activity’s potentially catastrophic contribution to global warming.

Photo Credit: kris krüg on Flickr.