Salt & Diageo present: The World’s 100 Most Inspiring Women


Salt magazine seeks to usher in a more compassionate and sustainable era by highlighting the transformative changemakers and innovations that are too often ignored by the mainstream media spotlight. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by profiling 100 incredible female change agents from around the globe.

The female sex undeniably still suffers in the face a variety of challenges. Gender inequality, harassment and oppression are all unfortunately still ubiquitous issues; the achievements of our 100 Inspiring Women are therefore all the more impressive and representative of the vastness of our species’ potential.

The Salt team drew on its collective years of experience in thought leadership, compassionate business, charity, social enterprise and environmental sustainability to draw up a list of inspiring women based on the following criteria: Impact, Courage, Innovation, Compassion.

The list has been put together in association with international drinks brand Diageo.


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  1. While the women you selected are impressive, I was disappointed not to see ‎Anuradha Koirala, the founder of Maiti Nepal, an organization that has rescued thousands of young girls and women victims of sex trafficking.

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