Salt & REA Partnership



The REA intends to extend its message to a wider audience and create new business opportunities for members. Salt Magazine provides an ideal vehicle for this.

Salt and the REA are working together as one voice to help members of the public, including green-minded business and public sector leaders, understand that a renewable future is a both an opportunity and a necessity for future growth and prosperity.

The REA is collaborating with Salt Magazine to produce an in-depth renewable energy feature with popular appeal, creating a platform for sectors within the industry to communicate with a new audience.


Salt Magazine will be directly distributed to the members of the RE100,  a group of global leading companies committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2020. These are companies that directly share Salt’s vision of delivering a better, healthier and more sustainable world.

There is no better time than this to raise awareness to the fact that most businesses and the majority of the public want a renewable future.

Both organisations see scope here to align our visions and ensure REA members are noticed by the multinational companies in the RE100 group who will immediately be in need of substantial new low-carbon energy equipment and services.

We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for companies to promote themselves and their solutions to an receptive, fresh, and growing audience.


REA Members have the opportunity to purchase company listings, classified spaces, or full page adverts and editorials in the next print edition of Salt Magazine (March/April edition).

The March/April edition will feature an additional 10 pages of editorial that will be written in conjunction with the REA.

This edition will be entirely renewables focused. The REA will be working with the magazine to produce profiles of many renewable technologies and how each represent a significant opportunity for public and private players.

Questions can be directed to Oliver at Salt Magazine.

CONTACT: Oliver Amos, Commercial Director
m: 07538 240066

Costs and advertising spaces are listed below.

Option 1: Company Listing

• Positions: 425 • Company Information

• Online listing • Print listing

Total: £125


Option 2: Logo Company Listing

• Positions: 250 • Company Information

• Company Logo • Online listing

• Print listing

Total: £200


Option 3: Classified Advert

• Positions: 60 • 3cmh x 6cmw Colour Advert

• Company Information • Online listing

• Print listing

Total: £400


Option 4: Full Page Advert

• Positions: 10 • Full Page Colour Advert

• Company Listing • Online listing

• Print listing

Total: £1,500

Option 5: Premium Feature

• Positions: 5   • Full Page Colour Advert

• 3 Page feature   • Company online listing

• Company printlisting

Total: £2,500



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