Suspended Coffee: A Cup Of Hope


Salt was lucky enough to spend the day hanging out at Coffee E7, the first UK outlet to adopt suspended coffee. We wanted to know how it worked and what impact it was having on the lives of their customers in the local community.

The idea is that when a customer buys a cup of coffee for themselves they can donate a ‘suspended’ one for a stranger to enjoy.

“It could be a cup of warmth for a homeless person or a cup of hope for someone well-to-do who is down on his luck,” says John Sweeney, a 28-year-old plumber from Cork, who set up the Suspended Coffee Facebook page.

The sense of meaning John gained from developing the Suspended Coffee movement has saved him from a life of depression, ill health and poverty.

“I threw myself into it and worked 17 or 18 hours a day for the first 18 months spreading the word. I built up networks of volunteers with different skills,” he says.

Today the Suspended Coffee Facebook page has over 258,000 followers and has brightened the lives of thousands of people throughout the UK.

John is now on the verge of launching a social enterprise that will sell ethically-sourced coffee to fund coaching and mentoring for teens and adults. In March, he delivered a TEDx talk in Guernsey.

John Sweeney is one of the many inspirational change agents profiled in the May/June issue of Salt magazine. For the full 6-page exclusive photo article on Suspended Coffee, simply find our brand new magazine at WHSmiths and newsagents throughout the UK.