*The digital transformation of financial services, from P2P to mobile payments to crypto currencies

Technology is transforming the world of finance and empowering individuals with new ways of managing their money.

Digital services are disrupting the established order and taking market share from traditional providers.

Many of the new banking start-ups are digital-focused while increasing numbers of customers are using mobile apps.

Online platforms for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and equity crowdfunding have created an alternative finance market worth more than £2bn in the UK – by far the biggest in Europe.

And two million people were registered for mobile payments within months of the launch of the new Paym service last year.

The fintech revolution has also spawned Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Our event will hear from a range of fintech pioneers about the benefits of these innovations – and the challenges.

For users, the promise of many digital services is greater convenience and improved prices.

With P2P, for example, savers have pocketed higher returns than from traditional deposit accounts, while borrowers are sidestepping the logjam in bank lending and accessing funds at a lower rate.

And although digital disruption is helping sounding the death knell of costly branch banking, it need not mean the end of personal service in finance.

The mass of financial data now within reach of ordinary investors still means there is demand for interpretation, it is argued.

For businesses who embrace technological change, a combination of the new digital and the old personal may prove an appealing proposition to customers for some time yet.

Hear about these and more opportunities at our event.

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