Tesco will donate all unsold food to charity


UK supermarket Tesco has announced plans to donate all unsold food from its stores to charity.

Tesco’s new ‘farm to fork’ initiative means it will work with over 5,000 local charities and food banks across the country in an attempt to eliminate all supermarket food waste by 2018.

Recent figures show that in 2015, over 55,000 tonnes of food were disposed of at Tesco stores and distribution centres.

“We believe no food that could be eaten should be wasted.” says Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis. “That’s why we have committed that no surplus food should go to waste from our stores.”

The supermarket has partnered with food supply organisation FareShare to produce ‘FoodCloud’, a digital platform which allows distribution centres and charity staff to distribute unsold food.

Tesco hopes to create an industry standard platform and has called on other supermarkets and retailers to adopt the FoodCloud platform.

Tesco also launched a ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ vegetable range in over 200 stores this week, which will force supermarkets to sell produce which is misshapen by conventional standards, rather than dispose of it.

The supermarket’s efforts to reduce food waste are part of a larger region-wide push, with Morrisons announcing similar plans last year, and the French government’s nationwide ban of food waste earlier this year.

Photo Credit: jednodniowy on Flickr.