Using Yoga & Meditation to become a powerful business leader


Times are changing in the business world – the old school attitude would have said that you were weak and soft for using methods like yoga and meditation, and you can’t pay bills with Zen. Thankfully these views are shifting as these methods are easily accessible and with many ‘successful’ business professionals using them to function on a higher level or pull them out of burn-out after decades of grind.

Now you can’t pay bills with Zen or chant your way out of financial crisis, so these methods aren’t a magical cure to all problems that we face in business. Although what we are finding out is that if you use these systems on a regular basis, there is far less chance of a crisis breaking you as an individual. Businesses boom and crash all the time, markets dip, rise and crash and every so often a financial crisis comes along and wipes out many businesses. But what we must do is protect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing from these disasters.

Now is yoga and meditation really that powerful, letting us detach ourselves from such huge problems? From my own experience I would say yes, but what’s even better is that science is backing this up too! There have now been numerous studies on meditation and how it literally changes the way the brain functions. It has proven to improve our executive decision making, ability to deal with pressure and stress, empathy, compassion, concentration, memory & creativity. I would encourage anyone to check out the TEDx talk by Sara Lazar where she reveals the science and research behind this. All of those benefits that I mentioned above would give any leader or business professional having to function at a high level the ability to optimize their performance. The ironic thing is that if there was a pill like the one in the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless, most people would be using it regardless of the long term affects, rather than meditate. Why do people find it so hard to be still and observe their thoughts? This is something that I will explore in my next article.

Now along with meditation we have some other magic tools that will enhance all of the benefits of meditation plus drastically increase physical energy, confidence, libido, digestion, fat burning and positivity, improve sleep, balance our energy and make us calmer. Yes – movement practices such as yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts and basic strength training will provide all of this but let’s just use yoga as an example as it is easy to find and provides all of these benefits.

Yoga is more than just trying to bend and twist into uncomfortable positions. In fact, that is not even necessary to receive the listed benefits. Just by implementing some of the basic postures and diet principles from yoga without embarrassing yourself, breaking involuntary wind and showing your backside to complete strangers, you can achieve all of the desired benefits. Again, there are numerous case studies and research that show how yoga has changed and has the potential to change lives.

Now if you want to build this foundation of strength, flexibility & energy physically, mentally & emotionally then I would advise that you adopt these methods. It can be uncomfortable to start, and you don’t always feel the benefits instantly, but they will come.

By doing this, you will inspire people in your presence with the ability to stay calm and focused when everyone else has reached crisis point, making you the leader that everyone turns to. Becoming highly skilled at what you do is necessary for success, but building the best version of you that resonates positivity, strength and kindness will give you ‘bullet proof’ resilience and the ability to achieve your maximum potential. Just like the Bradley Cooper character in Limitless, without the side effects. And what is even greater is that these practices increase longevity and life expectancy, plus have shown to ease anxiety in people approaching death.

Get moving and meditating to build the best you with no limits!


Craig Ali is founder and CEO of Total Health and former coach of world record breaking adventurer, Mark Beaumont.