Can you live without producing any trash?


Eco-entrepreneur Lauren Singer has gone two years without producing any trash after making a ‘conscious decision to live sustainably’.

The former NYU student, who majored in environmental science, began working towards living a ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle while still studying at NYU.

Singer’s journey to zero waste began when one day she noticed that nearly all of the contents in her fridge were packaged in plastic. Seeing all of this waste product made Lauren feel like a hypocrite. How could she care so much about the environment when she wasn’t doing anything to reduce her own impact?

It was then that she decided that she would progress towards a lifestyle of zero waste.

All of the trash that Lauren has produced in two years can fit into a 16oz mason jar. She re-uses, composts, or recycles everything else. She shops in bulk from farmers markets and local grocery stores, and brings her own jars and bags to fill up.

Lauren has also taught herself to make her own toothpaste and deodorant at home, putting the products in reusable containers. She also has ditched the cosmetics and only buys organic, vegan make-up which comes in 100 per cent recyclable packaging. Lauren even uses a compostable toothbrush, spatulas, and sponges.

In order to encourage others to adopt the same trash-free philosophy, Lauren began documenting her lifestyle on a blog. The blog became quickly inundated with queries from those eager to follow her example. Lauren became concerned that her admirers  didn’t have the time or skillset to product their own cleaning products like she does and so decided to start The Simply Co – Lauren’s new waste-free cleaning supply company.

Lauren is part of a larger Zero Waste Movement that is trying to reduce the 251 million tons of trash Americans produce every year, of which only 34.5% is recycled. Organisations like the Zero Waste Alliance are encouraging people to follow in Lauren’s footsteps and consciously reduce the waste they produce everyday.

Simple things like taking reusable bags to the store or saying no to receipts and straws at restaurants can go a long way.

Check out Lauren’s story in the video below:

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Video Credit: Seeker Stories from YouTube.