Vote For Salt’s 100 Compassionate Business Leaders


Salt’s September issue will lead with our pioneering 100 Compassionate Business Leaders list, and we want your help in identifying the inspiring leaders and change agents who are ushering in a more compassionate business future.

The list will shine the spotlight on the leaders who are going beyond simply reducing their business’ carbon footprint or expanding their CSR policy. We will feature those who are operating with a holistic compassionate business approach, and fostering genuine positive change.

We want to know who impresses and inspires you; which business leaders are investing in, and disrupting and innovating towards, a better business world?

Please send your suggestions to, Tweet us at @SALT_now, or comment on our Facebook page. You can also join the discussion in the Salt LinkedIn Compassionate Think Tank.

There are four main criteria being used for selecting and ranking our compassionate business leaders:

  • Sustainability: Leadership in terms of water reduction, renewable energy, resource conservation, agriculture and energy efficiency
  • Innovation: Have they pioneered ideas within their industry?
  • Compassion: Have they created a truly compassionate company?
  • Positive impact: How many lives have they changed?


Our list will include some of the impressive individuals already featured in the pages of our recent issues. These include Shai Reshef, ‘The Man Educating the World’, Khalid Alkhudair, founder of Saudi Arabia’s first female employment agency, and Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments who gave away 90 per cent of his salary.

Your nominations could include ‘big names’ like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett, or lesser-known social entrepreneurs who are changing the game in their sector. Either way, we want to know who you think can’t be left out of Salt’s 100 Compassionate Business Leaders.



Photo credit:  David Bertho from flickr



  1. I’m sure
    I’m not alone in admiring all the ways Paul Polman, CEO Unilever, has truly
    committed Unilever to “walk their talk” in embedding corporate
    responsibility & sustainability into their core business so that all
    stakeholders – internal & external – can help them co-create a new way of
    serving society while making money.

    Gary Hirshberg, Chairman Stonyfield, has consistently been committed to social
    values from the time he founded the company. In his book, Stirring It Up: How
    to Make Money and Save the World, he demonstrates how companies can work to
    save the planet, while achieving greater profits and satisfaction, and how we can
    all use the power of conscious consumption to encourage green corporate

    Barbara Brooks Kimmel, founder Trust Across America-Trust Around the World, has
    created a global network focused on building trust. I’m extremely proud to have
    been named by them one of the, “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust”
    each of four years since they founded. She and others in this trust network deserve
    our attention for their contributions.

    I believe this merits each of their nomination as a top 100 Compassionate
    Business Leader.