Waitrose and Johnson & Johnson announce shift from plastic to paper


Environmental charity Frida announced last Friday that two leading UK brands have pledged to switch to biodegradable material in their cosmetic products.

The Plastic Free Beaches initiative has coaxed Waitrose and Johnson & Johnson to transition from plastic to paper sticks in cotton buds by 2017, which could drastically reduce the amount of plastic on the UK’s beaches.

Dr Clare Carvers of Frida was optimistic about the transition: “Plastic in our seas is a major pollution problem – better materials are out there and the more we use them the closer we are to a cleaner ocean. This is an excellent example of major brands taking a lead and we hope that many more companies will follow soon.”

Plastic Free Beaches are convincing popular retailers to avoid using plastic where paper is viable, since the products in question are usually flushed down toilets and eventually end up in oceans, where they harm sea life.

“Johnson & Johnson Consumer will transition from plastic to paper sticks in our cotton buds by the end of 2016 globally.” a Johnson & Johnson representative confirmed. Consumers are advised to dispose of the paper products in the same way as the plastic ones, since they are biodegradable and will not cause environmental damage.

Photo Credit: J_D_L on Flickr.