Women in Tech – Lessons From True Gamechangers


There are leaders, there are inspirational figures and then there are gamechangers.

What makes the difference? Well, as the name quite rightly suggests, those that fall into the third bracket are the kinds of individuals who leave a lasting impression on their chosen niche or industry, changing the way we do things and look at things in a big way.

They lead, they inspire and they bring about positive change – gamechangers represent a rare and valuable asset to any and every industry.

One area in which gamechangers are making huge strides right now is in rebalancing the contemporary workplace.

Meet Jenny Griffiths – an outstanding example of both a gamechanger and an inspiration for others. It’s no secret that the technology industry has for generations been dominated almost entirely by men. Even as Silicon Valley leaders work frantically to try and rebalance the workforce, the changes are happening so slowly that it’s difficult to take any real inspiration in what’s going on.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, so to speak, Jenny proved that with hard work, dedication and complete determination, the seemingly impossible is there for the taking. In the course of just six short years, she went from a promising university student to a business leader, MBE and a truly incredible industry gamechanger.

A Product of Passion

How did she do it? Well, she’d been engineering the algorithms for a new visual search ‘discovery engine’ while at university. Upon leaving, she founded her company – Snapfashion – which quickly gained a huge following and grew into something quite enormous. But what’s most interesting is the fact that fashion is a subject in which Jenny admits to having very little interest. She’s more about the technological side of things, but managed to find a niche into which to inject her own passion and expertise, giving birth to the Snapfashion we know today.

Six years later, she’s an award-winning business leader with an MBE and a team of 20 staff under her watch.

Still, Jenny still to this day believes that women working in many business areas – especially the technology sector – have a harder time making a name for themselves than men. But at the same time, she also firmly believes that everyone has the power to take control of their future – you just have to want it and be willing to work for it.

What separates Jenny from so many others is the fact that she had the drive, desire and determination to follow through with her ideas and goals.

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Video Credit: Innovate UK from YouTube.