World’s biggest solar power farm is ready to open in the UK


23,000 solar panels will soon generate solar power from on top of Queen Elizabeth II reservoir at Walton-on-Thames, a man-made body of water.

The energy generated by the project will provide drinking water for nearly ten million people in greater London and the south-east. The creators hope it will generate enough power for the local water treatment facilities for decades to come.

The £6 million farm has been in planning and development stages for five years, and is due to be completed early this month. The panels will cover about 6% of the reservoir surface.

On the project, energy manager for Thames Water, Angus Berry, said:

“This will be the biggest floating solar farm in the world for a time – others are under construction. We are leading the way, but we hope that others will follow, in the UK and abroad.”

In response to public concerns about the project’s effects on the local environment, he says that the farm will have no impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

Though the incumbent Conservative government has reduced budgets for renewable energy implementation, Berry insisted that these cuts would not affect this project. They may, however, affect future installations.

Photo Credit: Kate Ausburn on Flickr.