Disrupting Finance 24th June 2015

Trust in banks is at a historic low following scandals such as PPI mis-selling and Libor rate-fixing.

The public perception of banks could hardly be worse, and the financial services industry is under enormous pressure from customers, regulators, politicians and investors to clean up its act.

But while the established banks battle to regain public confidence, disruptors and innovators are offering alternatives to the traditional financial system.

New digital-focused banks are being set up to challenge the existing order.

Online platforms for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and equity crowdfunding have created an alternative finance market worth more than £2bn in the UK.

Technology is empowering individuals with new ways of managing their money.

The adoption of socially responsible investing (SRI), particularly by institutional investors is changing the conventional financial landscape.

Globally, trillions of dollars are invested using socially responsible strategies.
Our event brings together the leading thinkers and players in this brave new world of finance.

The event will be split in to three key themes:

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