Emma and Sophie Thompson break court injunction to film Frack Free Bake Off protest


Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson and her sister Sophie – who won Celebrity MasterChef in 2014 – staged a parody of the Great British Bake Off for Greenpeace to voice their opposition to fracking plans on the land in Fylde, Lancashire.

The sisters were taking part in a Frack Free Bake Off, complete with white marquee, vintage utensils and bunting, on a site leased by shale gas developer Cuadrilla.

The site is at the heart of a long-running planning battle between Cuadrilla, some local residents, and green groups.

The ‘Frack Free Bake Off’ protest is intended to highlight local residents’ anger at being denied a say over whether or not the projects should proceed.

Protesters are banned from the site by a high court injunction but the Thompson sisters and other protestors ignored it to carry out their demonstration.

The sisters were faced with a farmer spraying manure at them when he drove his muck spreader in circles around the demonstrating group.

Police officers attended the scene but no arrests were made and Lancashire police said it was for safety reasons.

The Daily Mail Reports that Sophie Thompson said: “There’s nothing like food to bring people together, and nothing like fracking to pull them apart.

“For years, to oppose fracking, this community has played by the rules of our democracy.

“Yet the Government has rigged the competition undemocratically to favour the fracking industry.

“If our Government energy policy were a cake, it would probably be a crossover between a crumble and an Eton mess.”

In a blog on The Huffington Post UK, Thompson explained: “For almost five years, Lancashire has been in the midst of a battle to stop the shale gas industry. And despite huge local opposition, fracking firm Cuadrilla is determined to set up its rigs and drill.

“In August 2014, twenty-or-so anti-fracking nanas occupied the same fields I’m in now – land just outside of Blackpool where Cuadrilla wants to drill – and established cake as an anti-fracking weapon of choice.

“For three weeks, those Lancashire nanas, their children and grandchildren, camped out. And as people passed by they handed out free cake, tea and conversation in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of the fracking industry that they so strongly opposed. Since then groups like Preston New Road Action Group and Roseacre Against Frack have campaigned tirelessly too, pressuring the local council to block Cuadrilla’s bid to drill.

“Their hard work paid off too. Because in June last year, Lancashire council leaders listened to the concerns of local people and said a resounding no to the shale gas industry.

“But this victory was short lived. Just a few months later it was revealed that Greg Clark, the government’s so-called ‘minister for communities’, can now overrule local councils, which could pave the way for Cuadrilla and its rigs.”

She added: “We’re breaking Cuadrilla’s injunction – the special legal block they took out to protestors off their land – for our Frack Free Bake Off. No doubt there’ll be kitchen equipment and flour everywhere. But we’ll pack everything up carefully, taking care not leave behind any litter, drilling rigs, toxic fracking fluid or unwanted pollution.”

The full episode of Frack Free Bake Off will be released on Greenpeace’s Youtube channel on April 28 at 12pm.


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Video Credit: SWNS TV

Photo Credit: Greenpeace