Europe’s electric car sales double in two years


Figures for electric vehicle sales in Europe last year were double those of 2014.

According to this electric vehicle sales database, around 200,000 electric cars were sold to consumers last year, with countries like France, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany seeing greater growth in this sector than average.

The vehicles sold, which includes both all-electrics and plug-in hybrids, make up twice the figure sold in 2014.

A potential reason for this rise in sales could be the roll back on infrastructural electric vehicle incentives taking place in many of these countries. In the Netherlands for example, a 183 per cent increase in sales over the last three years is probably due to changes in legislation that previously incentivised electric car ownership, such as tax reductions. This made them the third biggest electric vehicle market in the world, behind both China and the US.

The fourth quarter of 2015 saw the largest growth.

Norway remains last year’s market leader, with 19 per cent of its car sales attributed to electric vehicles.

Photo Credit: Challenge Bibendum on Flickr.