Explore where land meets water: Aqua Firma


Using the latest technology in sustainable tourism, Aqua Firma offers expeditions of a lifetime, from the polar caps to the Amazon rainforest. Since 1986, the tour company has allowed adventurers to explore the far corners of the world, responsibly and ethically, writes Mostafa Al Shalchi.

The idea of sustainable tourism has been gaining traction over the last few years, with many international reports highlighting the damage that irresponsible travel inflicts on the planet. With deteriorating ecosystems exposed for all to see, travel businesses that focus on conservation have seen a boost in attention and revenue. One of these companies is Aqua Firma, a travel and exploration experience that satiates your wanderlust and takes specific care of the environment.

eider in svalbard - Chris Dobbs-min
Eider in Svalbard. Credit: Chris Dobbs


Aqua Firma harbours a deep passion for wilderness. In particular, the areas where land and water meet. The company believes that these areas elicit some of the most satisfying experiences with wildlife and nature.

Male_Lion_Aqua-Firma_Shaowen_Lin-minAlongside its aim to facilitate a great holiday experience, a big objective is to minimise the potential impact of your visit. However rather than simply eliminating harmful elements of your trip, the expeditions Aqua Firma offers actually contribute towards the conservation and research of endangered wildlife in these locations.

With its global partners, the company invests in numerous conservation projects all over the world.


Professional divers, sailors, researchers and conservationists are all involved in the process. The company relies on the collective passion these people have for preserving the natural world, whilst allowing you a glimpse into its wonders. Their expert advice is invaluable and provides unprecedented in-depth knowledge. Experiences are created based on the advice of hundreds of these marine and wildlife scientists. As well as quenching your thirst for natural exploration, the trips provide insight into the work of these people and how it benefits and conserves these beautiful environments.

Sailing ship - David Slater-min
Credit: David Slater – AQUA FIRMA

The company keeps a Rainforst4Climate fund, which helps to offset the carbon emissions of its clientele, particularly for polar expeditions. The fund helped to create 10,000 acres of protected forest in Amazonian Peru.


  • Diving and Snorkelling

Aqua Firma’s in-house marine scientists lead trips which let you photograph whales, orcas, dolphins, penguins, coral reefs and more. Conservation of marine life is a priority and contributions from your trip fees are made to wildlife conservation funds.

  • Yacht Charters

You can go on an intimate sailing trip on the ocean, or a private charter through the rainforest with a marine expert – the company offers journeys to Antarctica as well as the Amazon.

  • Canoe & Lodge Safaris

“The only disturbance you bring is the sound of a paddle and the ripple of the water you float in, which makes for a closer encounter with wildlife than is possible on foot,” says the company. Canoes are a great way to explore hard-to-reach areas in an unobtrusive way.

  • Polar Expeditions

Ice-strengthened vessels, classic sailing yachts and tall ships are the methods of transport for this journey. These small vessels carry between 12 and 14 people, making your trip to either Antarctica or the Arctic particularly intimate and memorable.

Smeerenberg Fjord - Jane Brooks-min
Smeerenberg Fjord. Credit: Jane Brooks
  • Northern Lights

Aqua Firma offers several excursions to see the Northern Lights, viewable from locations like Greenland, Iceland, and northern Norway. Six-day-long journeys will take you to cascading waterfalls, exploding geysers, lava cakes and the majestic lights themselves.