Five Charities Who Did Great Things in 2014

Five Charities Who Did Great Things in 2014

The beginning of a new year is a great time to look back on the previous twelve months and recognise the amazing work done around the world by charities you might not yet be familiar with. We’ve found five of the many wonderful organisations whose achievements in 2014 we thought needed highlighting.

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A nonprofit organisation dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development, Earthworks also promotes sustainable solutions, corporate accountability, and healthy communities. Officially begun in 2005 when Mineral Policy Center merged with the Oil & Gas Accountability Project, which gives a sense of the multifaceted focus of the organisation, Earthworks has achieved countless successes throughout 2014. Fracking in particular has been a topic of concern – their current projects stand with the US Forest Service to protect the George Washington National Forest from the potentially damaging practice.


The 1981 Thirsty World Conference in the UK sparked WaterAid, which continues as a force of international good to this day. This year their projects have ranged from raising awareness on World Water Day by spelling out names of donators and supporters with falling droplets of water, and working towards tackling the fact that 526 million women and girls around the world have no access to private toilets. Our personal favourite was the H2Orchestra, which can’t be better explained than in WaterAid’s own film:

The Fund For Global Human Rights

Since 2003, the Fund for Global Human Rights has pursued its one goal to move human rights forward. They provide resources and tools to the people and organisations on the ground who have real potential to generate positive change. This year alone their progress has been incredible – thanks to the Fund for Global Human Rights and their grantees, Mexico abolished military jurisdiction over human rights abuses committed by soldiers against civilians, Tunisia’s new constitution guarantees equal rights for women and protection from gender-based violence, and Morocco deleted a clause in its penal code that allowed convicted rapists to escape prison time by marrying their victims. To reiterate – these are just three of their achievements in one year alone.

Trees For Life

Environmental work has seen vast progress over these past twelve months, too – the restoration of the Caledonian Forest and all its constituent species of flora and fauna has been making headway thanks to Trees For Life, a volunteering charity committed to protecting Scotland’s beautiful countryside. Successes of 2014 include the sale of 1,086 hectares of woodland to be preserved by a highland community group.

Care International

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in living memory. CARE International, since the Boxing Day tsunamis across the Indian Ocean, have reached more than 1.3 million people with life-saving emergency assistance with their cumulative raised total of US$185million. This year alone saw one of CARE’s most successful events ever – the Walk In Her Shoes campaign works to raise both money for and awareness of the women and girls who spend their days walking for water.

These are just five of the brilliant and progressive organisations who have made extraordinary contributions to the planet and its peoples this year – who are your charitable heroes of 2014, and why?

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