How to be your best self


Meditation expert Amisha Bhavsar says 2016 is the beginning of anything you want.

So, how about doing something different next year, and investing in your most important asset, YOU!

Because no matter how much you’ve achieved or accomplished so far, there’s always much more to discover and develop, change and improve.

Invest in you and you will enhance your capacity to be your best self, in your career, relationships, health and personal development.

Three steps to be your best self:

1. Realise what’s stopping you from being your best. Is someone or something bringing out the worst in you? Who or what? Or is it the habit of procrastination, comparison or is it your inner critic? Consider this: no one and nothing can bring out the worst in you, unless you let them. Take responsibility for bringing out the best in yourself.

2. Focus on the best. Take an inventory of your personal strengths, skills and capabilities. Ask yourself: What am I good at? What makes me unique? What are my talents? What can people rely on me for? How have I overcome challenges? Know and affirm your personal strengths and good qualities, and you’ll nourish the best in you.

3. Work on being the best you. You can instigate a new habit, renew a forgotten goal, update an attitude or learn a skill to improve yourself. You may find it easier to swap than to stop: crisps for celery sticks, criticism for compliments. You may want to tackle one small change at a time, and conserve your discipline for things that matter.

Three tips to enhance your best self:

1. Track your progress. Set an appointment with yourself, monthly, if not weekly. Give yourself credit for small victories and keep yourself inspired and motivated. If there are slip-ups, learn from setbacks and get back on track. Review and modify where best to invest in yourself.

2. Nurture your wellbeing. Keep fit and eat more healthily. Drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Schedule regular breaks in the day to rejuvenate your energy. Give yourself a high priority and take care of yourself. Treat yourself respectfully and you will have more to give.

3. Meditate everyday. Slow your breath, slow your thoughts and reconnect with your positivity, peace and power. If there’s no time to meditate, then be mindful and present when you’re drinking your morning tea or coffee. Then you’ll be ready to present and project your best into the world.

Understand that being your best self doesn’t mean being perfect. So, when you’re feeling your worst or having a bad day, be compassionate with yourself.

Be authentic and simply strive to be your best self. Then you will give your best and get the best out of 2016. The benefits can only spill over into all areas of your life.

Amisha Bhavsar is a teacher and a writer at Inner Space – a meditation and self development centre in Covent Garden.

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