Scientist Discovers New Fuel That is Greener than Biofuels


A scientist famous for creating petrol out of thin air is working on potentially game-changing invention to produce fuel that is both much cheaper than conventional petrol and good for the environment.

Professor Tony Marmont was last in the news three years ago after producing five litres of petrol from CO2 and hydrogen sucked out of the atmosphere. Now, the same scientist believes he has discovered a new, more efficient, and cleaner way to produce hydrogen.

Marmont proposes using sound to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water vapour them instead of electricity. The method involves using sound to create tiny bubbles. Amazingly, the temperatures inside these bubbles reach up to 15,000C – hotter than the s sun’s surface. This fierce heat is combined with a very high pressure and a 10,000 volt current running across the bubble. The current forces the hydrogen bond back together with a huge release of energy. Marmont applies a magnetic force to pull away the oxygen, which is magnetic, from the hydrogen, which is not. Marmont is seeking to raise £100,000 materials and condensers needed to prove his theory in practice. Prof Marmont believes that his method – assuming he can prove it works – has a major advantage over conventional fuels. The 87 year old scientist believes this breakthrough technology could revolutionise the energy market.