You’ll Soon Be Able To Charge Your iPhone With a Plant


The way we charge our phones may be about to change in a really big way as Barcelona-based company, Arkyne Technologies, says from now on we can give our mobile batteries a boost with the help of a single plant.

The company’s product, a pot called the Bioo Lite, uses the energy generated by photosynthesis to charge smartphones. It’s an idea scientists have been researching for several years.

Using compact and modern technology, the team at Arkyne are able to produce electricity from the simple, every-day process in which plants rely on to survive, photosynthesis.

Bioo provides a day and night constant electricity supply, proving that plants may just be the way out for truly clean renewable energies.  Through Bioo Lite Arkyne hopes to redesign the concept of charging your phone or tablet forever.

Arkyne Technologies claims the pot allows up to three charges per day. The plant generates power both day and night, so users can charge their phones anytime.

Furthermore, the plant pot also features a sealed water tank that creates a high efficiency in water management by retraining what is added to your plant, helping you save up to 6-8 liters of water monthly.

If you want to get your hands on one than it’s worth noting that not all plants produce the same amount of electricity, so cacti aren’t recommended. Bioo Lite will only work while the plant is alive, so taking care of the plant is crucial. If you kill your little green friend, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

Unfortunately this awesome piece of kit isn’t on the market yet. If you’re desperate to get your hands on one the don’t loose hope as after surpassing its $17,000 fundraising goal, it’s slated for a December 2016 release.

There a fewunits are available on Indiegogo now, but they’ll currently set you back around $112.

Yes, that’s more expensive than your traditional charging unit, but can you really put a price on saving our planet? We didn’t think so.


Video Credit: Arkyne Tech